Voron 2.1 CoreXY 3D Printer BOM Listesi ve Tavsiye Edilen Tedarikçiler

Voron 2.1 sourcing guide (somehow called unofficial) is no longer listed here and now shutting down entirely. I believe this guide helped a lot of Voron builders to source right products from right suppliers. Also I managed to negotiate with some reliable suppliers in Aliexpress to prepare some bulk packs for BOM items to save some bucks and time. I’m happy that some of them listed in official sourcing guide, too. Well, it’s obvious that no one can provide 100% reliable sourcing guide as some Chinese suppliers may change their own supply source time to time. However I didn’t get any complain or bad comment from the community but got lots of thanks and contributions.

Let me talk about how my Voron story had started and then how I was excommunicated by Voron development team from all Voron platforms.

In 2018, during summer time while using a cheap 3D printer I was looking for an option for a CoreXY type. Then I discovered the Voron project. Actually it was by chance. Probably dev. team at that time was just focusing on support and there was lack of marketing effort to promote this gorgeous printer they built. I see that they did a really good job. However I realized that building a Voron would not be so easy as there was no decent sourcing guide around. Then I started to create my sourcing and follow up list. Then time to time I shared this list in community channels. Some of Aliexpress links were affiliated links, however this never creates any additional cost to buyers. It’s just small amount commission for me. I never received significant level of commission, but on the contrary I order same parts from different suppliers to test and probably spent 3 times more than I earned. Lol 🙂

Then I sadly realized that some of Voron admins were not happy with my contributions to the community. They think I’m there just for profit. That was not true. At the same time I was collecting my parts to build Voron and they even didn’t know I convincing some Hevo or other 3D printer builders to build Voron. I was very active on some Facebook groups and promoting Voron on behalf of the dev team. As I said above they are great on mechanical and support side but got lack of marketing skills. Lol.

Anyway, one day we agreed on removing the affiliate links on my sourcing guide in 1 month or so, don’t remember. During that time I had a serious illness and could not finish the job, but was almost ready. But one day I was contacted by an admin and with an unfriendly way he directly threatened me and kicked out from Discord channel immediately. They didn’t even listen to me. That was really rude attitude agains me. In fact I felt that they didn’t even respond my queries in Discord channel. This unfriendly approach reduced my motivation to build sourcing guide they expect.

In fact the problem was the affiliate links on my sourcing guide but dev team never stopped promoting their own affiliate links on Voron platforms and their own Youtube channels, etc. Thats fine and understandable as they spent time and efforts to build a project but I didn’t understand why they were against somebody who does the same as they do. Then they decided to build an official sourcing guide and interestingly more than half of the links are the affiliate links. As I said nothing wrong with that, also I believe they deserve huge donation. However they just punished me. And I learnt that they never stop talking badly about me. I do not have an opportunity to respond to them. Thanks.. And I decided to write this notice.

To make the long story short, They don’t believe this but I still love Voron and will finish my unit soon when I’m fully recovered, but probably they won’t give me a serial. Lol.

Lastly if you are here to get my sourcing guide, I’m sorry, I cannot help you anymore. You can use official sourcing guide Voron 2.1 Development Team Sourcing Guide

Official Web Page http://vorondesign.com

Have fun.